THE WRAP began years ago as a satire of a conference I'd attended off and on over the years. There was so much New Age fun in it, I couldn't resist; a superficial take down on a mockable phenomenon. Lucky for me, I hit a wall after 120 pages and dumped the idea. I thought great, now I don't have to write another novel, because as we well know novel writing is a bitch, but I was wrong. That novel was dead, but its characters were doing quite well in my head, sitting around the table and inventing lives for themselves. I had a filmmaker, his cinematographer, an artist named Sofi, dogs, parents, New York City in the '60's through this very day (when ever that might be) Montana and ultimately the end of the world.

I like to think I'm posing the question: what would it be life for artists without all the tools that keep the world at bay, their lenses, palletts, computers - what would it be like when all the batteries die and it may or not be the end of the world? It's a meta - and metta - investigation with actors looking for a plot. Stay tuned.