Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
BA University of Chicago
MFA Vermont College of Fine Arts.
Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, New School for Social Research and the University of Vermont.

Grants from the Vermont Arts Council, Island Arts, Arts Matters (NYC).

Residencies at the Woman's Studio Workshop and The Vermont Studio Center.
Adjunct teaching in community colleges, Boston and Burlington Vt.

For 25 years, exhibiting in ceramics and encaustics. Working in paper, wire and plaster since 2006.

In both word and images, she’s interested in exploring the relationships between our human imagination and our the planet, the other creatures we share it with,including ourselves, the migration patterns that keep the ball rolling and the barriers we erect. The sculptures are both endearing and scary, human and animal, gestural and mummified, while the characteers in the novels also exist with apparent contractions evading resolution.

Throughout a long career, she’s exhibited locally and internationally, including the Netherlands, Japan, In her home state, the Shelburne and Sullivan Museums. She's collaborated with other artists, published one novel and is working on another.



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